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"What is a community manager"

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"What is a community manager" #document

In this context, of an RC Innovation Center…

What is a community manager - Part 1 - Role - Description, brief

  • Outreach from the community
  • Bringing people in physically, virtually,and in thought
  • Keeping people involved
  • Running community events
  • Coordinating people to speak at events
  • Being the center of attraction and communication for the community

What is a community manager - Part 2 - Responsibilities

  1. Develop a playbook,
  2. Relatioships - Contiously ignite and foster relationships amongst members of the community, businesses in the community, educational institutions and non-profit organizations in the region.
  3. Methods - Some of the methods to use: live events, virtual events (e.g. webinars)
  4. Formats - Some of the formats to use: panels, unconferences, classes, meetups, story telling, TEDx (or TEDX-like) presentations, Lightning talks. etc.
  5. Networking - Attend other organizations’ events, regionally, and nationally.
  6. Focus first on people, then on technology.
  7. Repeat

What is a community manager - Part 3 - Playbook

Based on the community needs *and* keeping in mind those things that members need, but don’t always know that they need...

  1. Plan
    1. Start with, in parallel:
      1. Develop a virtual presence (e.g. website,social channels) - 2 months
      2. Develop a potential calendar of live and virtual events - 2 months
      3. Develop initial programming - speakers, topical education
    2. Schedule events, 6 months worth of frequently run virtual/live events, including at least one large event - 2 months
  2. Run with the above - monthly
  3. Re-evaluate, and Revise as needed - monthly
  4. Repeat.

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