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Event: Pathways to Success, Sunday Sept 19, 2010

Event: Pathways to Success, Sunday Sept 19, 2010
Four Points By Sheraton Hotel
4900 Duckhorn Drive, Sacramento, CA 95834
  • "Pathways to Success" began as a means of taking ownership of personal relationships.
  • 801 pennies = the # of generations since the beginning of mankind. We used storytelling. We are hardwired to this.
  • The US now uses less than half of its population to make food, so what do we do with ourselves.
  • "Hero to Zero" needs to be turned into "Hero to Superhero" (i.e. You, Inc.)
  • Turn transactions into relationships
  • Sit down and identify who you are, what you're passionate about, and what your own personal brand is
  • Mankind has gone through three stages, food production, manufacturing, and now it's about ideas
  • Ferrari story. A guy fell in love with a Ferrari. Got to know all about it. Made a magazine that made him 1 Million dollars/year
  • Need to take control of who you want to be
  • Be prepared, agile, and ready to move
  • More people die on Monday mornings than any other day
  • We have 8070 hours/year
  • Overnight success takes 10,000 hours of work
  • Fundamentally what we love does not change.
  • We generally don't work to satisfy what we love to do
  • Having to satisify the need inside of me, equals JUSTICE
  • "Never Eat Alone" is about how to create networks for yourself
  • "Who's Got Your Back" is how to create personal success by creating a board of directors of You, Inc., and creating a lifelong learning team
  • To pick your board of directors, pick those who you respect, diversity
  • Meet with your board of directors regularly, monthly or quarterly. Each meeting should be about one individual. Each meeting should last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • 200,000 networks of 4
  • Win, Win, Win (you, me, and both of us)
  • Keep me on the road to success
  • People talk about keeping a "balance" in your life. Balance is Stasis (e.g. death), so don't strive for balance
  • We each have a unique view of the world. So, become that singular leader of that view. "An inch wide and a mile deep"
  • Make your learning team family
  • Everyone in your network should hear from you once a quarter. For example, set up Google Alerts on topics of interest to people in your network. Then, use a tidbit that you hear about, to give to your contact (in your network).
  • Goals. Start with the end in mind
  • Make the goal crystal clear
  • Think of business relationships as personal relationships, as we are all humans. Mirror in business as we act in our personal relationships
  • Have the courage to be who we are. Authenticity
  • When you make introductions, you can ask yourself "Do you want to be in my tribe?"
  • Give them a story that will make them remember you
  • Generosity Pyramid - Generosity is the currency of relationships. Intimacy. Candor. Two-way accountability
  • The highest currencies are: Health, Wealth, and Family
  • Intimacy. For example, NBC sports knows that the personal stories are the currency
  • Working for affected trust rather than effected trust
  • Lego Approach - personal sales force. develop your personal brand
  • Know what you want and dare to ask for it
  • People are opportunities
  • Jeff claims that we all know this stuff, we just didn't know how to put it all together. The "how" is with a framework
  • In relationships, make them successful, use the currency, be relationship scientists (e.g. should people you meet be in your tribe?)
  • Not the leader, but the 1st follower is critical. So make that follower successful, then others will see that. Bring the follower close to you.
  • Oprah and the Black Eyed Peas and the flash mob. Paid 40 professional dancers who each taught 4 people, who taught 4 people, etc. 28,000 people

  • This workshop is a survey of the prior three workshops...

  • Recipe 4 Success
    • Negative thinking, Personal Branding, Blue Car, Executive Presence, Network Management
      • Negative thinking = what three things can I stop doing to increase my productivity
    • CAR = Concise, Actionable, Remarkable
  • Phone Strategies
  • Email Strategies

  • Meeting Strategies
    • Do Your Homework (about your guests)
      • Speeches
      • Facebook
      • Friends of family
      • schools, degrees, prior employment
      • charities
    • Managing the gatekeeper
    • Go with the goal in mind.
      • get next meeting scheduled
      • Gain Physical and Psychological Distance, e.g. get them out of their role, equal the playing field
    • After a meeting, followup within 24 hours, with an email

  • The Rule of 3!
    - Use the rule of 3 to increase your efficiency and progress toward your goals:
    • Learn the material
    • Practice becoming a thought leader/coach
    • Practice lifelong learning team interactions
(the shop teacher rule!)

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