Saturday, March 29, 2008

My System

About / Overview

  • My System» At the very core, Web 2.0» has a trait of serendipity. The trick is to manage this serendipity, either mentally and/or physically. Personally, I need to touch and feel things (kinetic learner), so I make it physical, for each subject or topic, using My Template» and tying them together with My Annotated Tag Cloud (A-List»): High-level topics / tags, that are important to me, that are linked to individual documents, on that subject. Sort of like having a personal Wikipedia

Methodologies and Practices»

  • Two Modes: Consumer or Producer
  • Active Unfocused Mind, like is done for Magic Eye images, How to See 3D, For example.
  • Put things that seem like they may be useful into your mind's buffer cache.
  • Go with the Flow. Be flexible. Be Adaptive.
  • Do not compromise personal integrity
  • Develop and maintain a Vision.
  • Communicate well with others to the best of my ability. Be empathetic. Use reflective listening. Seek first to understand, prior to being understood.
  • Experience everything, including mistakes, learn from success and failure.
  • Get in, Act, Get out.
  • Learn/Know when to be creative, and when to conform.
  • Use Intuition, but realize that nothing is intuitively obvious, at least until you have taken the time to learn the Paradigm
  • Be Open, do not pre-judge
  • Do what works for you, but keep open-minded to incremental or dramatic changes that could actually be to your benefit. Try new things out once in a while
  • Think globally, Act locally. For example.
  • Sharpen the Saw, Use the Saw, Think of creative alternatives. On the topic of Sharpening the Saw... When is it worth it to step away to sharpen the saw? How do you know if you are in-fact sharpening the saw? How often should you sharpen the saw?
  • New? Find something new and interesting? Study it for a while. A "power study", if you will. Tagging as appropriate.

Implementation / Tools»

  • Use a single starting place, called A-List, full of links to My various subjects/topics. Essentially my "Annotated Tag Cloud", or High-level topics / tags, that are important to me, that are linked to individual documents, on that subject. Sort of like having a personal Wikipedia or "tactical knowledge" base.
  • Tag things as I come across them, e.g. using and ma.gnolia, and more...
  • Record/track various subjects/topics in Google Documents (using My Template»). This allows for a somewhat structured organic growth of my personal knowledge. These Google Documents have become the core of my personal knowledge base.
    • When time doesn't allow for update of these documents, for example, I use MyStickies, to annotate each document with a sticky or two [or three =:-) ].
    • Later, if appropriate, and as time allows, the content of these stickies can get added to the document.
    • There are different levels of publishing, depending on the content and on the reader. My personal notes are done with MyStickies and with "internal" sections of documents. Sometimes the Google Documents is a high enough level, at other times GooglePages is appropriate, and at other times My Blogs are appropriate.
    • Post new items via to various microblogs, blogs and/or statuses
  • Use "keyword" feature in Firefox-based browsers. For each of my topics in my "Annotated Tag Cloud" (personal Wikipedia), add a keyword, for quick re-entrance into that document for that topic/keyword. (how to activate keyword in Flock )

Does anyone know of any more tools that would be applicable to this System?

* my list of Alpha» high-level topics, a byproduct of My_System. Sort of like having a personal Wikipedia. Each new topic is started from a template kept at Sometimes this topical document (e.g. Social») morphs (publishes elsewhere) e.g. on googlepages, my Word Press Blog, lilurl, jaiku'd, twitter'd, zoho, etc.

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