Saturday, March 8, 2008

Digitial Identity and Web Identity, in Web 2.0

Digitial & Web Identity in Web 2.0»
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The evolution of digital and web identity-
Updated March 15, 2008 9:51 PM US/Pacific
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Digitial Identity
  • OpenID: - what-is-openid?
    • "OpenID is a single sign-on system, which allows internet users to log on to many different web sites using a single digital identity, eliminating the need for a different user name and password for each site. OpenID is a decentralized, free and open standard that lets users control the amount of personal information they provide."
  • ClaimID: - what is claimid?
    • "ClaimID is a free and easy way to set yourself up with an OpenID", "One of the greatest things about having a claimID page is that you can easily provide people searching for you with a real picture of your identity. With claimID you can claim your blog, your website and news articles that mention your name into a central place."
    • Eric Herberholz
  • MicroID:
    • "MicroID is a lightweight identity layer for the web, invented by Jeremie Miller (creator of Jabber). MicroID enables anyone to claim verifiable ownership over content hosted anywhere on the web (social networking sites, discussion forums, blogs, etc.)."



User Profiles and Web Presence»

Web Identity Examples

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