Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why I Blog, by Eric Herberholz - Updated December 30, 2007 6:36 PM US/Pacific - [ source | blogger | wordpress | re-post | Troubleshooting blog | old ]
1 Some of my Internet Blogs, Bloglines, blogsome, Blogger, flickr, LiveJournal, MySpace, Opera, Performancing, Vox, WebRing, Windows.Live.Spaces, WordPress
2 The goal of this course is to provide information and promote appropriate participation in the blogging community. It is designed to help HP employees make the most of blogging’s potential by providing basic guidelines, recommendations, and best practices for participating in the blogosphere in a manner that supports HP corporate culture, commitments, and legal obligations.


  • Determine the purpose of your blog. At the very least, it can be used for your personal knowledge base, journal, etc (Why I Blog.)
  • Make some choices:
    • Choose an editor application*. For example, because you can’t always just depend upon a blog’s editor, to have all the features you want/like/need, etc.
    • Choose a blog, from various blog providers**. Try out several, and then choose one that appeals to you (e.g. for ease of managment, appearance, etc.)
    • (optional) Choose a photo hosting provider***, so that you can post pictures there, and then link to them from your blog.
    • (optional) Choose means of earning money****
  • Starting Blogging.
  • Enjoy.


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