Sunday, December 23, 2007


Comparison between the Internet and HP Intranet

What are the differences and similarities?

  • Blogs - multi-user, single author, customizable
  • Portals - multi-user, group authored, static
  • Customized Portals - single-user, single author, customizable
  • SharePoint sites - multiuser, group authored, static and customizable
  • Web sites - multi-user, group authored, static
  • Wikis - single-user/multi-user, group authored, customizable
  • Google's Notebook & Docs - single-user/multi-user, single/group authored, customizable

Within HP, What Is Used Today?
  • Web sites, e.g. via WPC (Web Publishing Center)

The Lines are Blurring, Technology is converging...

What's missing at HP?

Customized Portals - by example...

  • This may be controversial, but it is the right answer (in my opinion).
  • In other words, why re-invent the wheel??!!

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