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Flock is better than iPhone, or at least as revolutionary…

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My thoughts about, and reasons for, using Flock over other browsers
Latest News: Flock Wins Web Award at SXSW Conference

Q: Why Flock?

A: To me, there of several features of Flock that are extremely appealing...

  • Blog Post Editor
  • RSS News Feeds Reader
  • Media Stream - access/update your favorite photos at Flickr or Photobucket, and at YouTube
  • My World
  • Integration with social bookmarking systems (e.g., ma.gnolia)
  • Web Clipboard
    • "Use the Web Clipboard for Instant Saving and Sharing"
    • Even with loading Firefox with extensions, you do not get the integration that Flock offers. For example, to blog from Firefox you can use the ScribeFire extension. And to save webclips you can you can use another extension. And in this scenerio you will not be able to combine the use of a blog extension with a web clip extension, say, to copy from one to the other. But with Flock's built-in Blog editor and Flock's built-in Web Clipboard tool, you can copy from the web clips to the blog editor with ease.
  • Built-in spell checker
  • Plus, the same great features that Firefox has:
    • Customizable, Personalize - buttons on toolbars can be re-arranged, toolbars using View»Toolbars»Customize..." For example.
    • Search Engine customization
  • And many other features...

I have given a lot of feedback, and encourage others to do so also, simply use: Help»Give Feedback, or click on the blue fly icon (Send Feedback) to the right of the URL/location field.

BTW, I wrote Instructions on how to download and start using Flock...

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