Sunday, March 4, 2007

Common References for HP-UX Troubleshooting

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  • Virtual Rooms - Meet the customer in an HP Virtual Room, e.g. to see the customer's issue.
  • Weblocator - find a Diag box to duplicate issue.

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1 Since WFM will reject emails that are more than 5 Mb, if the results of collection script are more than 5 Mb , then: Create FTP site where the customer can put the results. For name of account, use "c" and then last 7 digits of case id.
2 for name of room, use CASEID; for title, use CASE TITLE.
"HP-UX 111i - Software Utilities" ("Software Products") page in SAW's HP-UX Product Home Page[ Americas | Asia-Pacific | EMEA ]
Concentra Doc id c00231625 - draft/DRP: 11iproductsmatrix - edit: Concentra (SAW's DB)
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