Friday, June 30, 2017

I seem to be stuck in limbo

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JCB Fastrac 155-65 side (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Me: I seem to be stuck in limbo. I thought I had the Free plan, but am
being told that I owe $199.88, so how may I get past this, so that I
may use Hootsuite?
Hi Eric! Denea from the Hootsuite customer advocate team here. I am
happy to help with this!
Could you please confirm your Hootsuite account email address so I can
best assist today?
Me: Deleted
Denea: Thank you! One moment while I bring up your account.
Thanks for waiting, Eric! Taking a look at your account, I see that is
was automatically downgraded to Free 3/13/2017 following a non
payment. I can assist you with correcting this.
You wish to be on the Free plan moving forward and not Pro, is that correct?
Me: yes!
Denea: You're welcome! I'll just be a few moments to make those
changes and I'll be back to confirm with you.
Me: ok
Denea: Thanks for waiting, Eric! I've removed that pending bill to
ensure you will not be charged. if you are logged into the account at
this time, could I ask you to please complete the downgrade to the
Free plan using these steps here: downgrade
If you encounter any issues or are not logged in at the moment, let me
know and I am happy to help!
Me: Is there supposed to be a link for "down-grade"?
Denea: Oh my apologies!
Looks like I need another cup of coffee this morning
Me: Yes, coffee is important!
Me: Done. I'm back to being able to use the free version. Thanks!
Denea: You're very welcome Eric! Yes I can confirm your account is now
on our Free plan.
You will also receive an emailed copy of this chat transcript for your
reference. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to
that email to notify me and I'd be happy to assist further. Have a
great day!
Me: I've already saved a copy of this chat session, because you have
provided awesome help, and I may blog about it.
Denea: You've made my day, Eric! So glad I could help today

Me: Enjoy the rest of your day. Did you know Laura Hovak (sp) when she worked there?
Denea: I don't believe I did, the name doesn't ring a bell. She must have departed before I came on board.
Me: She as a/the community manager
She was
Denea: Ah, I missed her by about a year unfortunately!
Denea: I wish I knew her so I could put you in touch!
Bye Eric, you're very welcome! Take care.
Thank you for contacting us.
Chat session disconnected.

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