Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is Coworking - examples, articles, video

What is coworking?

It's a newish word for an older concept. Have you heard of telecommuting? =:-)

"Many work from home, while others, occasionally also referred to as nomad workers or web commuters utilize mobile telecommunications technology to work from coffee shops or other locations." (Telecommuting - Wikipedia

The difference from Telecommuting, in my opinion, is that Coworking is taylor made for entrepreneurs, startups, and home-based business owners.

"Coworking is a style of work which involves a shared working environment, sometimes an office, yet independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization" (Coworking - Wikipedia)


Don't get me wrong, coffee shops are a fantastic place to work, socialize and even stumble upon leads =:-)

However, sometimes, you just want to get some work done. Or present to. or meet with, a client or prospect. So, where do you go if you do not have an office?

Answer: rent a portion of time and space at a Coworking facility

Time: a desk for 1 day a week, 24x7 access to a desk/office, etc.

Space: shared desk, full time open desk, full time permanent desk, a conference room, etc.

See examples of coworking (a.k.a. shared office space, Serviced office, Executive suite )..

What to learn more?

Come to the First Annual U.S. Coworking Unconference
March 10th, 2011, Hangar Lounge, Austin, TX (2011 CoWorking Unconference)


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Use of Twitter - "watch" traditional news sources, in a message stream

Here's a thought.

An example use of Twitter. 

"Watch" traditional news sources, in a message stream.

If you wanted to know what the various news sources posting (a.k.a. tweeting), you could watch their messages.

For example, using twitter, you could watch the sources that I've set up in a list, with:!/erich13/news-outlets

So, since I want to get a more complete list, I tweeted this message...

Eric Herberholz
@erich13 Eric Herberholz
wondering who's got the most complete traditional news media sources list - mine's started and will grow -

11 seconds ago via web  - from Sacramento, CA

Just thought I'd give you an example.

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Footnote/Reference material...!/erich13/news-outlets-3/members

foxnews, msnbc, NBCnews, cnnbrk, CNN, nbcbayarea, NBCNewsPR, NBCFirstRead, NBCFanIt, datelinenbc, nbc_sports, nbcnightlynews, nbc

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is Drupal? What is community?

What is Drupal?

"Drupal (pronunciation: /ˈdruːpəl/) is a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.[2][3][4] It is used as a back-end system for at least 1% of all websites worldwide[5] ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites including and[6][7] It is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration." (Drupal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)



@drupal Internet
Drupal is a Free, Open, Modular CMS written in PHP

  • "Drupal is a free software package that allows anyone to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power an endless variety of sites." (About Drupal |
  • "Drupal meets the needs of different types of web sites from community to news portals, from corporate sites to educational institutions, from media sites to international sites. Learn about the building blocks that power these sites in Drupal CMS Features." (Sites Made with Drupal |
  • "Drupal 7 is recommended for most new websites. A large number of modules and themes are already available for it." (Get Started with Drupal |
  • "Where is the Drupal Community?" (Community & Support |
  • "This is one of the most active job listings for Drupal site builders, developers, and themers. It contains a mix of full time positions, free lance contracts, training requests, and other smaller paid tasks." (Drupal Jobs | 

What is community?

"In sociology, the concept of community has led to significant debate, and sociologists are yet to reach agreement on a definition of the term" (Community - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

"The word "community" is derived from the Old French communité which is derived from the Latin communitas (cum, "with/together" + munus, "gift"), a broad term for fellowship or organized society.[2]

Since the advent of the Internet, the concept of community no longer has geographical limitations, as people can now virtually gather in an online community and share common interests regardless of physical location." (Community - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

"Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft - German sociologist Ferdinand Tönnies distinguished between two types of human association: Gemeinschaft (usually translated as "community") and Gesellschaft ("society" or "association"). In his 1887 work, Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, Tönnies argued that Gemeinschaft is perceived to be a tighter and more cohesive social entity, due to the presence of a "unity of will."[3] He added that family and kinship were the perfect expressions of Gemeinschaft, but that other shared characteristics, such as place or belief, could also result in Gemeinschaft. This paradigm of communal networks and shared social understanding has been applied to multiple cultures in many places throughout history.[4] Gesellschaft, on the other hand, is a group in which the individuals who make up that group are motivated to take part in the group purely by self-interest. He also proposed that in the real world, no group was either pure Gemeinschaft or pure Gesellschaft, but, rather, a mixture of the two." (Gemeinschaft_and_Gesellschaft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

"Gemeinschaft (often translated as community) is an association in which individuals are oriented to the large association as much if not more than to their own self interest. Furthermore, individuals in Gemeinschaft are regulated by common mores, or beliefs about the appropriate behavior and responsibility of members of the association, to each other and to the association at large; associations marked by "unity of will" (Tönnies, 22). " (Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Doesn't get any better than this!

Image representing Ford Motor as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

Doesn't get any better than this!

Knowing people, then respecting them, then getting to know who they know and respect. Awesome! Check it out....

Mentioned in this Tweet

  • Scott Monty  
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Head of social media at Ford Motor Company, husband, dad, podcaster, proprietor of http://bakerstreetblog, and a generally nice guy. Formerly from Boston.
  • Marita Roebkes
    Location: Palo Alto
    CoFounder, Advisory board and business development, - focus since 2007- Applied Social Media
  • Wendy Soucie
    Location: Madison, WI |Corporate Social Media| SocialCRM | Blogger | LinkedIn Trainer | Speaker | Bicyclist 4 Fun -not afraid to challenge the status quo
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

What is coworking

The Tower Bridge, built in 1935, a popular lan...

Image via Wikipedia

What is coworking?

"Make Google More Powerful With Tag Filtering", Wired Magazine, with (Search Cloudlet)

accessibility  activity  advantages  appeal  april  area  back  bay  become  better  blend  blog  brief  built  businesses  cafe-like  café-like  citizen  cluster  co-working  coffee  collaboration  community  coworker  create  cubicle  culture  dedicated  dreamfishers  drop-in  encyclopedia  engineers  environment  facilities  facility  feb  flexibility  francisco  free  global  independent  movement  office  people  san  sandbox  shared  space  values  way 

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Social Media Literacy - Twitter hashtag: #SMCEDU via @erich13
#Singletasking = a "terribly useful focus methodology" "of particular significance to those" "drowning in social media"
Uh oh "DOS was a single task operating system" #singletasking

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Watch Social Media Week's Global press Conference LIVE at 9:30am ET
today: #smwpress #smwnyc