Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Many Browsers Do You Use?

I use several: Flock, Firefox, Safari, and Opera (in that order). Each has benefits...
  • Flock - built-in Social Media integration, Extensible (e.g. add-ons, plugins - inherent, due to being based on Mozilla Firefox), and Customizable (e.g. Themes, re-arrange toolbars and buttons)
  • Firefox - Extensible (e.g. add-ons, plugins) , Customizable (e.g. Themes, re-arrange toolbars and buttons)
  • Safari - Fast, bookmark synchronization** with iPod Touch/iPhone's mini-Safari
  • Opera - Fast, built-in bookmark synchronization**, across computers
Which browser(s) do you use, and why?

NOTE: I use Mac OS X and Windows, and not LINUX [yet]. For mobile use, I use an iPod Touch.

* "Add-ons are installable enhancements to the Mozilla Foundation's projects" Wikipedia.org (my favorite add-ons)
** synchronized across computers and/or devices.

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Amy said...

I use Flock, Firefox, and Opera, in that order.

I like Flock because of the ease of use of digg/twitter/delicious and the like. It's also extensible and customizable.

I use Firefox because of the addons and ease of use. Also, it comes with Ubuntu.

I use Opera (sometimes) because of the speed and ease of running mobile pages in the sidebar.

My favorite is Flock. :)