Friday, May 9, 2008

Sadly, I read "TwitKu service to end May 15"

Sadly, I read "TwitKu service to end May 15. Sorry folks, but I just cannot devote the time, money and energy to this project any longer. It was fun while it lasted."

I use Twitku a lot! I, for one, will be sorry to see it go. Anyone else feel this way? Any ideas of how to save it? Any alternatives?

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Eric Herberholz


erich said...

I registered at OffBE.AT, posted a comment, and got this response, "FYI I am re-thinking things a little bit and there is some chance that I will leave it running. I'm doing some major back-end stuff and the server that TwitKu uses was going away. Right now, there is "some chance" that it will remain, but I'm not sure at this point." ( from the author of Twitku. So, please show your support by replying to this comment.

erich said...

I am happy to reporting see "TwitKu given new life. Service to continue for the time being. :-)"