Saturday, June 30, 2007

Speed Blog / Tumble log

"The idea behind this extension is the concept of "tumble log", painless publishing of interesting information to your blog - without any edition. Usually you would not do that on your main blog, but on what would be your "tumble log". You can publish images, links, or text selection. If you do a right click on no particular object, a link to the current page will be published.

Before you use it:
1. Configure your blog in Flock the way you would do it to use the blog editor
2. context menu->configure speed blog
3. Select the blog you want to use for tumble log

Once the extension is configured:
1. put your mouse on the item
2. context menu->speed blog
3. watch the spinner in your status bar: when it's done spinning, your post is online

Get it here"...
Erwan Loisant - Speed Blog / Tumble log

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