Saturday, May 19, 2007

Flock's Blog Post tool - suggestions...

Suggestions, not prioritized:
  • Either include the full Mozilla editor (and make it configurable for those that just want the simple Flock Blog Post features, e.g. Mozilla-lite), or...
    • Include/use the Mozilla Composer Format Toolbar & Edit Mode Toolbar ( i.e. add HTML Tags tab and Preview tab)
  • And speaking of Edit Mode Toolbar, make the source/text in the "HTML Source" tab view show up with syntax checked/highlighted.
  • Include the Mozilla Composer "Link Properties" tool.
  • Add the ability to remove all text fonts from selected text.
  • Add Mozilla Composer's "Insert" menu, and make it a toolbar.
  • And add the ability to pick up a desired font and past the font on other text. "Copy Font" and "Paste Font"
  • And add "Paste without formating"
  • Replace the lame pink buttons. Bad color and way too big. Or at least, make it a toolbar, so it can be hidden.
  • Make it a preference whether you want to "Visit blog after publishing"
  • Add a List Panel of saved blogs.
  • Add a toggle, to make Blog Post appear outside of the current view/window ("Pop out"), or at the bottom of the current view ("Pop in"), as resizable and hidable
    • Or add a third option to open in a new tab or window.
  • Lastly, and I know it's very UNIX-like, but add vi functionality to the Blog Post tool. And if you can do that, add EMACS for those who like it.
  • what happened to the Spell Check feature? If it is still there, where is it?

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