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Troubleshooting HP-UX - For Advanced Users
Reader's Digest Version1
[Public version and hp intranet: HPedia | HPUXTroubleshooting blog]
  1. Ask the customer some basic questions.
  2. Get some specific details from the customer.
  3. Do Searches: searchable | Integrated_Search | HP-Intranet | HPUXOS_Troubleshooting_Portal | GR8 Calls | ITRC_Forums | ITRC | KMINE* | SAW[Americas | Asia-Pacific | EMEA] | WTEC | more...
    • Hint: most problems have been encountered before, and the trick is finding known solutions. Exact error messages and good searching techniques can help speed up this process. Knowing where to search is also important. More of My Search Tips.
  4. Use References:

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1 Public version, and copies in the hp intranet: HPedia | HPUXTroubleshooting blog
2 a.k.a. HP-UX 111i - Software Utilities" ("Software Products") page, e.g. published in SAW
3 How to Navigate to SAW's HP-UX PHP(blog)
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