Thursday, April 12, 2007

My* Search Tips
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  • General advice:
    • Hint: most problems have been encountered before, and the trick is finding known solutions. Exact error messages and good searching techniques can help speed up this process. Knowing where to search is also important.
    • My* favorite search tools are Google Integrated_Search searchable
  • Google Search Tips:
    • Add "" as part of search to narrow to a specific site. e.g. "virtual machine"
    • Also, use "intitle:xyz", "inurl:xyz", "intext:xyz", and "text:xyz"
  • SAW Search Tips:
    • Do NOT use "Clear All" in basic search
      • GOTCHA: a "Clear All" in basic search does NOT clear the product.
    • Use "advanced search" and then Use "Clear All" button.
      • This allows for an advance search that does not rely on the product that is set for the case.
      • This is [especially] important when SAW is launched from WFM (the product in the WFM case could be wrong or unnecessarily limit the search results).
    • Use "Boolean" "Matching"
      • This eliminates the need for key words to appear in a particular order in the title or the body of the documents that are being searched.
    • Use "advanced search"
    • Use "[Change]" link to go back, Don't use the Browser's back button
      • If a search results in too many, or no hits are found, then at the top of the window, use "[Change]" link to go back to change the search criteria. Don't use the Browser's back button, as that will erase the search criteria that you have previously entered/selected.
    • As needed, narrow search:
      • Pick the desired "Disclosure level", e.g. "Public"
      • Enter the "Original Author", e.g. authoring group "HPUX"
      • If you want to find documents with particular words in it's "Title:", use a Boolean expression, e.g. remote AND print
      • [Select/Change Product]
        • For HP-UX, use: Browse the Product Hierarchy » Software » Operating Systems » HP-UX Operating Environments
        • As appropriate, go down to a specific OS version.
    • KMINE documents, that have been transferred, their SAW doc ids start with ucr_na-KMN and have Author of kmine_migrated, so:
      • use "ucr_na-KMN*" in the "Document ID:" field and/or
      • use "kmine_migrated" in the "Author" field and/or
      • to further narrow, to get RCENs, selecting "Public" as the "Disclosure level".

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