Tuesday, January 9, 2007

HPUX 11i - Products / Topics Matrix - DRP

HP-UX 11.x: HPUX 11i - Products / Topics Matrix - DRP
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NOTE: The text shown for each link is to give a high-level indicatation. For example, documents like release notes or Install/Admin/User's Guide, use the docs.hp.com link, for downloads, use the downloads link, etc.

Products and Topics...

Auditing with SMSE(HP-UX Standard Mode Security Extensions) - part of Security Containment

Auditing with Trusted System

Diagnostics - Also known as STM - Support Tools Manager

Disk Arrays

EMS - Event Monitoring Service

gWLM - Global Workload Manager

HIDS - Host Intrusion Detection System

HP SIM - HP Systems Insight Manager (HPSIM-HP-UX) HPVM - Virtual Machine

iCAP - Instant Capacity (iCOD)

iLO - Integrated Lights-Out for HP Integrity Servers
JFS - Journaled Filesystem
LVM - Logical Volume Manager


Performance PPU - Pay Per Use
NOTE: PPU and iCAP are "Utility Pricing Solutions"formerly "On Demand Solutions")
PRM - Process Resource Manager
PSETS - Processor Sets
NOTE: PSETS is a free product that works both independently and integrated with PRM.
RBAC - Role-Based Access Control (part of Security Containment) SAM - System Administration Manager
SCM - Servicecontrol Manager - IMPORTANT: SCM has been superseded by HP SIM SD-UX - Software Distributor
Security Containment - SecurityExt
Security Patch Check:
SFM - System Fault Mangement (SysFaultMgmt)
SIM - Systems Inventory Manager - IMPORTANT: Systems Inventory Manager has been superseded by HP Systems Insight Manager
SMSE - Standard Mode Security Extensions (StdModSecExt) - part of Security Containment
SMH - System Management Homepage (SysMgmtWeb)
Startup and Shutdown scripts STM - Support Tools Manager Troubleshooting HP-UX

Trusted System
Update HP-UX OS

UPS - Uninterruptable Power Supply

Utility Pricing Solutions

Veritas Products - Database Edition (for Oracle), NetBackup, Storage Migrator, and Volume Replicator VCS - Veritas Cluster Server

Veritas NetBackup

Virtual Machines
VPARS - Virtual Partitions
VSE - Virtual Server Environment
VSE Suite - HP Integrity Essentials VSE Suite for HPUX 11i (Software)
VxVM - Veritas Volume Manager
WBEM - Web-Based Enterprise Management - Product# WBEMSvcs (old: B8465BA)

WBEM Services A.02.05.01 for HP-UX 11i v1 (11.11) is now available from the web at http://h20293.www2.hp.com/portal/swdepot/displayProductInfo.do?productNumber=WBEMSvcs

WLM - Workload Manager

12/05/07 --------- 12/04/07 --------- xx/xx/xx


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